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Discover the secrets of your genes!

We guarantee precise analysis of your DNA, delivering reliable results.

We ensure a short waiting period for results, providing quick access to information.We also offer competitive prices to make genetic diagnostics accessible to everyone.

Cutting-edge Real-Time PCR Technology

Our research is based on cutting-edge Real-Time PCR technology. This allows for shorter analysis time, elimination of unnecessary steps, and minimization of error risks, thereby enhancing the reliability of results.

Painless Genetic Material Sampling

Collecting a cheek swab is completely painless and easy to do on your own.

We provide detailed instructions with the Swab Kit we send to you.

Join us, where modernity meets precision and comfort in genetic diagnostics!

Diagnostic Kit Design

We design, optimize, and validate primers and probes, as well as diagnostic tests for any molecular target

Test do wykrywania choroby Alzheimera

Diagnostics of dementia-related syndrome

We offer advanced diagnostic tests for dementia-related syndromes (including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease).

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