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Experts in gene analysis

We are a modern biotechnology company, present in the market since 2014. Our offices and laboratories are located in the heart of the Wrocław Technology Park.

We specialize in genetic information analysis, focusing on applications in medicine, veterinary medicine, and key industrial sectors such as food production and pharmaceuticals.

Our expertise lies in developing diagnostic tests and advanced research methods based on real-time PCR technology, utilizing data stored in DNA sequences.


From microbial identification to genetic predisposition studies

In our portfolio, we offer diagnostic kits designed for the identification of microorganisms hazardous to human and animal health. Additionally, we provide kits for detecting pathogenic microorganisms in various types of samples (ticks, cell lines, food, pharmaceutical products, etc.).

Responding to the increasing demand for specialized diagnostic tests, we have developed kits for analyzing genetic predispositions and genetic diseases in humans and animals.

Currently, with financial support from EU funds and in collaboration with the Medical University, we are conducting research to develop a panel diagnostic test for assessing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and implementing personalized pharmacological therapy methods.

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Quality Reliability Innovation

At AMPLICON, we prioritize the highest quality in all aspects of our operations. We strive to ensure clarity and reliability at every stage of our collaboration with clients. We are committed to continually seeking innovative solutions. Our passion for discovering new possibilities in genetic information analysis drives us to develop cutting-edge diagnostic tests and research methods.

Diagnostic solutions tailored to your needs!

Contact us and discover how our kits can revolutionize genetic analysis in your company!

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