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Precision in Pathogen Detection

AmpliTest Diagnostic Kits

We invite you to discover our innovative diagnostic kits from the AmpliTest series, designed specifically for detecting pathogens affecting humans and animals. The diagnostics are based on advanced Real-Time PCR technique, ensuring high sensitivity and reliability in the conducted analyses.

Our kits enable the diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and multicellular parasites.

Join us and Discover New Standards of Precision Diagnostics with AmpliTest Kits!

Bacteria and Protista

Diagnostics of pathogens from systematic groups including bacteria, protozoa, and fungi


Diagnostics of DNA and RNA viruses

Multicellular parasites

Diagnostics of multicellular parasites (tapeworms, roundworms, trematodes, etc.)

Diagnostic panels

Simultaneous diagnostics of several different related pathogenes

Unraveling the Genetic Mysteries of the Human

and Animal Genome

AmpliSNiP Diagnostic kits

The AmpliSNiP series kits are  are dedicated for analysis of changes in the DNA sequence of humans and animals. Assaying of the changes in the sequence is based on the Real Time PCR technique.

AmpliSNiP diagnostic kits enable detailed analysis of mutations and polymorphisms. They are dedicated to studying diseases and genetic predispositions in both humans and animals.

Enter a New Era in Genetic Diagnostics with AmpliSNiP Kits!

Zestawy diagnostyczne z serii AmpliSNiP

Genetic predispositions

in humans

Diagnostics of mutations and polymorphisms in human genomic DNA responsible for diseases and genetic predispositions

Genetic predispositions to dementia-related diseases

Analysis of key polymorphisms associated with the risk of dementia and the metabolism of drugs used in therapy

Genetic predispositions in animals

Diagnostics of mutations and polymorphisms responsible for diseases and genetic predispositions in animals

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