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(Real Time PCR)


PRRSV is an RNA-type virus belonging to Arteriviridae family characterized by high genetic variation. Nearly three hundred different genetic mutants of the PRRS virus have been described so far, which are categorized into two major genotypes. Type 1 (European genotype, EU) dominates Europe, while Type 2 (North American, NA) dominates the Americas and Asia. PRRS virus is the cause of the disease referred to as the reproductive and respiratory syndrome of pigs. The name of the disease comes from its main clinical symptoms. In sows, the PRRS syndrome results in decreased mating efficiency, frequent stillbirths during the end-stage pregnancy, premature births and births of dead or weakened piglets. In piglets PRRSV infection causes respiratory distress. The PRRS syndrome is a highly infectious disease that causes considerable economic loss among pig farmers. Similar clinical symptoms may result from infection with other viral pathogens (eg. swine influenza, Aujeszky’s disease, classical swine fever) or bacterial (Chlamydia or Mycoplasma), so it is important to have a proper laboratory diagnosis for PRRSV.

AmpliTest PRRSV (Real Time PCR) test is based on the one-step Real Time PCR reaction. Thus, the reactions of reverse transciption and PCR take place in one reaction tube. This approach ensures less amount of manipulations necessary for analysis, and thus minimalizes the risk of possible contamination. AmpliTest PRRSV (Real Time PCR) test is designed to detect both types of the PRRSV. The Real Time PCR reaction is a triplex-type. FAM channel serves for detection of the european genotypes of the PRRSV (PRRSV EU). The North American genotypes (PRRSV NA) are detected in Texas Red channel. The third channel (HEX) is used for detection of the internal control. Controls included into test (recombinant RNAs) enable control of the correct course of both reverse transcription and Real Time PCR reactions.

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