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AmpliTest Listeria monocytogenes

(Real Time PCR)


The Listeria genus includes 10 species of gram-positive bacteria that are optional anaerobes. The main pathogen infecting humans is Listeria mocytogenes. This species is the most pathogenic of those that can be transmitted by food (mainly dairy, raw fruits and vegetables). Listeriosis is a relatively rare bacterial disease with a severe course. 20-30% of infections end in death. L. monocytogenes primarily attacks the central nervous system leading to meningitis and septicemia. The risk group includes people with decreased immunity, pregnant women, newborns and the elderly. In addition to humans, L. monocytogenes can infect other mammal species, including cattle, horses, pigs, hens, hares and guinea pigs.

AmpliTest Listeria monocytogenes (Real Time PCR) test is designed to detect DNA sequences specific for Listeria monocytogenes in DNA samples obtained from food specimens and tissues of infected humans and animals. The Real Time PCR reaction is a duplex-type. Bacterial DNA is detected in the FAM channel. The second channel (HEX) serves for detection of the internal control. Controls included into the test (rekombinant DNAs) enable control of the correct course of the Real Time PCR reaction.

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