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AmpliTest FMDV (Real Time PCR)


FMDV is an RNA-type virus belonging to Picornaviridae family. This virus is characterized by high genetic variability. Seven FMDV serotypes have been described so far, among them three: A, O and C occure in Europe. FMDV is the cause of one of the most serious infectious diseases – foot-and-mouth disease. This virus mainly attacks the cloven-hoofed animals (especially cattle, pigs, sheep and goats). Typical symptoms include high fever, salivation, lavage, and blisters located in the mouth and hoof (hence the English name for the disease – foot and mouth disease). The virus is excreted in large amounts with milk, urine, feces and breathable air, so the disease is very easy to spread. Its outbreaks are strictly isolated, and the disease is controlled by the elimination of sick animals. Because of the high genetic variability of the virus and the problems of distinguishing vaccinated animals from vectors in the European Union, vaccination of animals against this disease is not carried out.

AmpliTest FMDV (Real Time PCR) test is based on one-step Real Time PCR reaction. Thus, the reactions of reverse transciption and PCR take place in one reaction tube. This approach ensures less amount of manipulations necessary for analysis, and thus minimalizes the risk of possible contamination. AmpliTest FMDV (Real Time PCR) test is designed to detect RNA sequences specific for FMDV in RNA samples obtained from animals. The Real Time PCR reaction is a duplex type. FAM channel serves for detection of the viral RNA. The second channel (HEX) is used for detection of the internal control. Controls included into test (recombinant RNAs) enable control of the correct course of both reverse transcription and Real Time PCR reactions.

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