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AmpliTest CHV (Real Time PCR)


Canine Herpesvirus (CHV) is a dsDNA virus belonging to the Herpesviridae family. CHV is a dog pathogen. This virus has an affinity for the mucous of the respiratory tract and genitals and the nervous system of animals. Infection occurs through direct contact with nasal secretions, urine, faeces, genital secretions of infected animals and through mating. Vertical infections (passed from mother to fetus or newborn) are possible. In older puppies and adult animals, the infection is often asymptomatic. An ongoing or past CHV infection can be demonstrated by upper respiratory tract diseases, pregnancy death, abortion at various stages of pregnancy, premature birth and sudden death of newborn puppies.

AmpliTest CHV (Real Time PCR) test is designed to detect DNA sequence specific for CHV in DNA samples obtained from tissues or swabs of dogs. The Real Time PCR reaction is a duplex-type. Viral DNA is detected in the FAM channel. The second channel (HEX) serves for detection of the internal control. Controls included into the test enable control of the correct course of the Real Time PCR reaction.

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