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AmpliTest ASFV (Real Time PCR)

DV05-100, DV05-300

ASFV is a DNA virus belonging to the Asfarviridae family. Currently, it is the only virus in this family. This virus causes a contagious and infectious disease in domestic pigs and wild boars known as African Swine Fever (ASF). The source of infection is sick domestic and wild pigs. The disease most commonly has an acute course. Characteristic symptoms include hemorrhagic fever, cyanosis of the ears, abdomen, and sides of the body, dyspnea, foamy discharge from the nose, diarrhea, and vomiting. ASF in a pig herd may sometimes manifest only as sudden deaths, without other accompanying symptoms. The disease causes high mortality (close to 100%) in domestic pigs. Humans are not susceptible to ASFV infection, so this disease does not pose a threat to their health and life.

AmpliTest ASFV (Real Time PCR) test is designed to detect DNA sequence specific for ASF (African Swine Fever Virus) in DNA samples obtained from tissues or blood of pigs. The Real Time PCR reaction is a duplex-type. Viral DNA is detected in the FAM channel. The second channel (HEX) serves for detection of the internal control. Controls included into the test enable control of the correct course of the Real Time PCR reaction.

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