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AmpliTest Aeromonas

(Real Time PCR)


Aeromonas is a Gram-negative facultative anaerobic bacteria. Most of the 14 described species are associated with human diseases. The most important pathogens are A. hydrophila , A. caviae and A. veronii biovar sobria . Aeromonas bacteria are ubiquitous in fresh and brackish water. The two main diseases associated with Aeromonas are gastroenteritis and wound infections, with or without bacteraemia. Gastroenteritis usually occurs after ingestion of contaminated water or food, while wound infections result from contact with contaminated water.
Aeromonas hydrophila is the most common Aeromonas species in freshwater worldwide. Infections with this species are associated with hemorrhagic septicemia in cold-blooded animals. Aeromonas hydrophila may also become a major pathogen causing outbreaks in fish farms with high mortality rates.

The Real Time PCR is a triplex-type. The FAM channel serves for detection of the DNA sequences specific for Aeromonas genus whereas DNA sequences specific for virulent strains of Aeromonas hydrophila are detected in the Texas Red channel. The HEX channel is reserved for monitoring of the internal control amplification. Additionally, diagnostic panel contains negative and positive controls allowing to monitor the whole aspects of the Real Time PCR. Positive control was obtained using genetic engeeniring.

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